tea tree oil for scabies

Tea Tree Oil for Scabies – How to get rid of scabies with tea tree oil


Tea tree oil for scabies treatment isn’t particularly an unknown method, tea tree oil has been used for years for its health benefits, this article will talk about how to use tea tree oil  to get rid of scabies itch and rash – and in a fastest possible time.

Scabies reflects a very contagious skin disease caused by an infestation of the itch mite, Sarcoptes scabies. The condition is spread from direct skin to skin contact. One of the predominant symptoms of scabies is a chronic itch. Amongst teenagers and young individuals, scabies spreads through sexual contact, leading many to consider scabies as a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Symptoms of scabies infestation tend to appear 2-6 weeks following initial contact with the mite. Symptoms can be present in any region of the body, although the predominant areas of infection are wrists, armpits, inner elbow, feet soles, around breasts, on knees, between fingers and along the waistline. The symptoms related to scabies infection, including itch, tend to be worse during the night. Scratching an infected area leads to a breakdown of the skin and can result in bacterial infections.

In terms of the scabies infection route, female Sarcoptes scabies burrow and lay eggs into the skin. The itch and symptoms associated with scabies emanate from an allergic reaction that is elicited to the mites, eggs, larvae and their waste products. Prolonged contact, such as that during sex with an infected individual can propagate the infection to uninfected individuals. Sharing clothing nad bedding can also spread the infection. Individuals living or working in childcare facilities, elderly or group homes and prisons are at greatest risk of infection.

Natural treatment of scabies includes using tea tree oil on scabies itch and rash treatment. Tea tree oil scabies treatment works
the same way as other infections because it is antimicrobial in nature, which is why using tea tree oil for scabies is very effective for treating scabies. It’s a know fact that tea tree oil kills scabies and a direct application of tea tree oil onto the infected area will lead to killing surface mites. There are other ways on how to use tea tree oil to kill scabies, and you’ll know the best tea tree oil scabies recipes at the end of you reading this article.

Other Treatment of scabies can include the application of topical medicated creams including permethrin, crotamitron and lindane. Ivermectin may also be prescribed by your physician. Generally, it is recommended that sexual partners over the past month and those residing in the same house with an infected individual will need to be treated at the same time. The mite cannot live for more than 3 days away from the human skin, so it is also recommended that all bedding, clothing and towels be washed in hot/sanitizer washes and dried in a hot dryer setting. Following treatment, symptoms can be noted for 2-4 weeks. If symptoms still persist following this time period, you may require further treatment.


How to use tea tree oil for scabies treatment

If you’re wondering if or will tea tree oil kill scabies, how to treat scabies using tea tree oil then this is for you.

Here’s how to use tea tree oil for scabies treatment.

  1. Tea Tree Oil Body Wash
    • Dispense your body wash and add a few drops of tea tree oil.
    • Bathe using the body wash and tea tree oil mixture once daily.
  2. Tea Tree Oil Body Oil
    • Dispense a few drops of tea tree oil into an oil such as olive, jojoba, or coconut oil.
    • Spread this mixture onto the infected area and the entire body.
    • Repeat this process after bathing and before bedtime.
  3. Tea Tree Oil Target Treatment
    • Dispense a few drops of tea tree oil onto your hand.
    • Massage this into the infected area.
    • Repeat the process 2-4 times daily until the infection has cleared.
  4. Tea Tree Oil and Bedding
    • Once a week, wash all of your bedding including towels, pillow cases and clothes in a hot water cycle.
    • Dry all of the clothing and bedding using a hot cycle.
    • Using an empty spray bottle, add a few drops of tea tree oil to water.spray your bedding and pillows with this mixture on a daily basis.
    • You may also need to spray your couches, car seats and chairs.

By following any of the above-mentioned recipes and procedures, you can safely treat your scabies with tea tree oil.

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